I have had the fortune of traveling to Hawaii twice. From the moment I set foot on one of its islands, I fell in love with it. I was at a point in my life where nothing was going right. After that trip, a lot of things changed for me for the better and I’ve never looked back. Hawaii, in its own special way, brought me back to happiness, fortune, health, and stability. Because of it, Hawaii holds a very special place in my heart. 
Me by Waimea Bay on my first visit to Hawaii ♥
Both times, I couldn’t get enough of the experience. Unfortunately, neither one of the times I traveled there, I was able to find a souvenir to bring back with me. I’m all about experiences, but there are times when it’s also nice to bring back with you a memento of that special time in your life. I never gave it much thought until recently when I found the right item to hold my precious memories in. Hawaii is truly paradise and I want to remember it always.

Hawaiian Sunset ♥
Through my Hawaiian adventures, I have had not only the opportunity to travel to paradise but also, have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful Hawaiian people who I have the honor of calling friends. One of those people is my beautiful friend Noelani, owner of Hawaiian Up, LLC. Not too long ago, she told me her company was in the process of developing a new and innovative product that could act as a 3-dimensional vehicle for those having events in their lives and who wanted something different. I was rather curious since I have seen just about anything out in the market when it comes to favors and souvenirs. Once the product was ready, she sent me a sample of it.
One afternoon, I opened my mailbox only to find a really interesting item. It was a small frame, but not just any old frame. It was a customizable tridimensional mail-ableplexiglass case/frame with a picture and postcard attached to it, and a small amount of sand and shells floating in the case. I had never seen anything like this before. It was a beautiful and unique way of displaying your most loved images. What I loved about it most was that the frame was rather versatile – you could insert other items in the frame to decorate the image attached and make it a more personalized item.
When I saw what Noelani & her company had developed, I was very much impressed. This frame is unique in the way it looks and feels. It’s not an item that will go out of style or clash with any decor. Even though it’s lightweight, it is also well-made and sturdy. Its clean lines make it simple and elegant yet timeless and classic.
Most people spend their lives trying to get to Hawaii and not everyone is as fortunate as I was. Some people simply can’t afford it, some others are ill and can’t travel, and for some others life just gets in the way too much for them to able to. Hawaii is a living postcard! So, why not send it to your loved ones in a special way through one of Hawaiian Up’s unique customizable frames and brighten up their day in the process? Hey, if your loved one cannot fly to Hawaii, maybe Hawaii can fly to that special person! This frame would definitely make that possible – they can have a small piece of  paradise with them to cherish. What better way to uplift their spirit and inspire them? Hawaii is truly a magical place and, maybe, people can get a bit of its magic through this wonderful product.
Waikiki at night…♥
If I had seen this unique customizable frame  in my travels, I would have most definitely picked it up to remind me of Hawaii and all the wonderful experiences I had there. In the process, I would probably have mailed it to myself, just to see who gets home quicker… 😉
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