We all used to bring home some of the most interesting, useless items to commemorate our travels. Rocks, Keychains, Statues. When it became apparent that these things were occupying valuable storage space until the day they were thrown/put away, we changed our approach to souvenirs. We bring home a t-shirt or two, because it seems we can always use an extra one while traveling. (The kids love having a stack of souvenir shirts in their closet, and they love to wear them!) Occasionally, a coffee mug, but only if it’s the size and shape we will actually use. And my favorite new souvenir collection brings together all of your favorite things. For me, Pictures and Shells! You can keep memories a little stronger, a little longer with memory cards. Filled with souvenirs collected on trips (Sand, Shells) and pictures developed afterward or items that remind them of someone or an event/milestone, they are like little worlds that can be visited again & again. Kids can add to them or rearrange them anytime they like. It can be a lasting keepsake or gift. You can even put a postcard on it and mail it, just like that! Then it will be a keepsake, with a date stamp right on it! The kids absolutely love creating them, and it helps to occupy them a bit when you get back to to the hotel room after a long day of sightseeing! Create your Memory Card on your next Trip! http://www.HawaiianUp.com … oh yeah, it’s mailable, no external packaging needed!! IMG_0075 lo